The idea of structure is a concept that can move beyond the conventions of formalism when it contemplates ideas related to a spiritual quest. I built repeatedly my vertical forms bridging the two opposed sides of the horizon: the earth and the sky. By placing my vertical units, the one next to the other I create landscapes of movement and of constant transitions. I have met the same inductive process in works of artists such as Agnes Martin and Carl Andre, whose images and objects are built with the belief that a small unity when repeated it creates a cosmos of ideas. The inductive units that I use are extending the tradition of relief sculpture via painting media; the materials that I use are “extended” pictorial surfaces. There is the stretcher, the fabric, the color. However, all these pictorial elements are transformed from anxious volumes that shape the final visual impression. The calm energy that is obtained has a reference to the Fontana cuts; my work, as much as his is a comment on the hidden violence of the image.

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Project Details

  • 2017

  • wood, fabric

  • 165 x 480 x 30 cm