Rania Schoretsaniti


Brief CV

Rania Schoretsaniti (b. 1971, Greece) studied Painting at the School of Fine and Applied Arts, University of West Macedonia, Greece (2009-2014). In 2014, she spent one semester as an Erasmus exchange student in an NHL Hogeschool (The Netherlands). She continued her studies in Engraving at the Athens School of Fine Arts, Greece (2014). ​In 2017, she received her MFA in Fine Arts from Slade School of Fine Arts, University College London, UCL (with distinction). In 2020, studied Special education and training and in 2021, Art Therapy with an Emphasis on the Visual Arts at the University of the Aegean, Greece. From 2021 she is a PhD candidate at the Department of Visual and Applied Arts, University of Western Macedonia, Greece.

He has participated in numerous individual and group exhibitions such as: the individual exhibition “The validity preciousness”, Museu Da Vila Velha, 8th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro, Portugal, 2016; “Tribuna Graphic” 2017, Art Museum Cluj-Napoca, Romania, 2017; “3rd Global Print” 2017; Douro, Portugal, “Incisioni al femminile”, Rassegna Biennale Internazionale – Edizione 2017, Napoli, Italy; 9th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro, Portugal, 2018; “Materia”, Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery, London, 2019; “COVIMETRY” Ely Canter of Contemporary Art, New Haven, Connecticut, USA, 2022; “ Color & Poetry”, Slade Research Center, UCL, London, United Kingdom, 2023; “Field: the energy of the void”, Byzantine Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece, 2021; solo exhibition “Fragments’ Metamorphosis”, Twin Ottoman Baths of Trikala, Greece, 2021; solo exhibition, “Parallel Transmutations”, Mamush Gallery, Kifissia, Greece, 2022.

Significantly, she was awarded the prestigious Desiree Painting Prize (Excellence In Painting 2017, Slade, School Of Fine Art, UCL, London). He taught (2018-2020) as an adjunct lecturer at the Department of Fine and Applied Arts of the University of Western Macedonia, Greece. He has been developing  Ambulatory Procedures since 2011 within the Visual March to Prespes framework and the WAC International Meetings / Conferences. Her works can be found in Greek and international collections as well as museums.



2022 “Parallel Transmutations“, Mamush Gallery, Greece.

2021 “Fragments’ Metamorphosis”, Twin Ottoman Bath of Trikala, Greece.

2017 “The Hands as an Instigator”, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London.

2016 “The validity preciousness”, 8th International Printmaking Biennial of Douro, Portugal.

2014 “The Reflective Image”, Amicale European Patent Office, The Hague, The Netherlands.




2024  NORDART 2024-25th ANNIVERSARY, International Art Exhibition, Budelsdorf, Germany.

2024  “Where there is competition, there is victory,” War Museum of Athens, Greece.

2023  “Secret Identities”, Mamush Gallery, Kifissia, Greece.

2023 “Plain/Field: the energy of the void”, Byzantine Museum, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2023 “Colour & Poetry”, Slade Research Centre, UCL, London, UK.

2022 “Metheortia – From ’21 to ’22”, Old Courts of Santaroza Street, Athens, Greece.

2021 “FRACTALS”, Mamush Gallery, Kifissia, Greece.

2021 “Mother Earth”, Tidalflowart, the banks of the river Litheos in Trikala, Greece.

2021 “COVIMETRY”, Ely Center of Contemporary Art, New Haven, Connecticut, USA.

2021 “Color / Collage / Poetry”, Slade Research Center, UCL, London, United Kingdom.

2020 “COVIMETRY”, BWA Gallery, Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski, Poland.

2020 “Hortus”, ASFA, Athens, Greece.

2020 “10th International Printmaking” Bienniale of Douro, Douro, Portugal.

2020 “Black”, curator + concept design: Professor Vasilis Fioravantes, Art Prisma Gallery, Piraeus, Greece.

2020 “Life” Cyprus Red Cross, Alpha C.K. Art Gallery, Nicosia, Cyprus.

2019 “ΚRΙΚΟΣ VII”, Contemporary Art Museum-Olivepress, Chania, Greece.

2019 [un]known destinations chapter ΙΙΙ: reconnection –– a second chance, curator + concept design: dr Kostas Prapoglou , Kypseli, Athens, Greece.

2019 “Materia”, Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery, London, U.K.

2019 “7th Guanlan International Print Biennial 2019”, China.

2019 “Thes-Pres Project”, International Meeting / Conference in the Byzantine Collection of Saint-Petersburg, Prespa, Greece.

2019 “Greek Engraving in Japan“, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum, Japan.

2019 “Greek Engraving in Japan”, Washi-no-Sato, Japan.

2019 “Colour & Poetry”, The Nomenclature of Colours, Slade Research Centre, London, U.K.

2019 “Greek Engraving in Japan”, Municipal Art Gallery of Piraeus, Piraeus, Greece

2018 On Architecture: New Materials and Design in Architecture and Art, Sixth International Exhibition 2018, Serbian Academy of Sciences and Arts, Gallery Of Science and Technology Belgrade, Serbia.

2018 “Nostos”, Athens Print Fest, Melina Cultural Center, Athens, Greece.

2018 «Verticality», Rosenfeld Porcini Gallery, London, U.K.

2018 «DIE KUNST IST EIN AUSWEG, BEI SEXUELLEN PROBLEMEN», Sigmund Freud, Dream Museum, St. Petersburg, Russia. 2018 Shell // the politics of being, 15th High School, Athens, Greece.

2018 “Beautiful City – Visual Interventions in Kozani“, Folklore Museum of Kozani, Greece.

2018 9th International Printmaking, Biennial of Douro, Duro, Portugal.

2018 “Three Generations of Greek Painting – Engraving – Sculpture” Second Part, Municipal Art Gallery of Agrinio, Greece.

2017 “Cryptic 2017”. Crypt Gallery, London, U.K.

2017 “ Griffin Art Prize 2017”, Griffin Gallery, London, U.K.

2017 “Graduate Art Prize 2017 ”, ARTIQ, London, U.K.

2017 “Tribuna Graphic 2017”, Art Museum Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

2017 “3rd Global Print 2017”, Douro, Portugal.

2017 “The first painting workshop of the School of Fine Arts in Florina: some time after ….”, Underflow Record Store & Art Gallery, Athens, Greece.


2017 “Faith“, Slade MA/MFA Painting group show, Austin Forum, London.

2017 “ME ME ME ME“, Crypt Gallery, London, U.K.

2016 Slade Interim Show, Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, London.

2016 “Exhibition of Contemporary Printmaking alumni of the Second Workshop of Engraving of Fine Arts Department of Fine”, City of Athens Cultural Centre “Melina”, Athens, Greece

2016 “1st VIRTUAL BIENNIAL 2016”, Duro Biennial, Portugal.

2016 “Μagic Ηorizon”, Athens Print Fest, Athens, Greece

2015 “Motion In Form II”, Slade Woburn Research Centre Square, London, U.K.
2015 Contemporary Greek Engraving, Martinos Antique and Fine Art Gallery, Laurio, Greece

2015 (A) ORATES – AKYVERNITES – ANOCHYROTES, ChANIaRT 2015 – VISUAL ROUTES in Chania”, Chania, Greece.

2015 Global Print 2, Douro, Portugal.

2015 Metaphysical, Museum of Contemporary Art, Florina.

2015 One Poem One Image, Museum G. Gounaropoulos, Athens, Greece.

2014 When An Image Tells A Story, M I E T, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2014 Visual March to Prespes 2007-2014 a process of experiencing the landscape, curator + concept design: Y.Ziogas, State Museum Of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2014 Permanent Collections II, Contemporary Art Museum-Olivepress, Chania, Greece.

2014 7th International Printmaking, Biennial of Douro, Duro, Portugal.

2014 7th Greek Fine Arts Schools’ Biennial, Theocharakis Foundation, Athens, Greece.

2013 To be born light, Florina, Greece.

2013 1 word 1 picture, Alma Gallery, Trikala, Greece.

2013 Black and White Dreams, Museum of Contemporary Art, Chania, Greece.

2013 Extroversion, Neapolis engraving center, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2012 Festival of Invisible cities as Cosmography, Thessaloniki Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2012 Team Exhibition with Giorgos Tsakiris, Florina Museum of Contemporary Art, Florina, Greece.

2012 Athens Print Festival 2012 “One world one picture, one picture one word”, Melina Merkouri Cultural Center, Athens, Greece.

2012 Pandora’s Box-Transform, Neapoli Engraving Center, Thessaloniki, Greece.

2012 New artists summer, Kaplanon 5 Gallery, Athens, Greece.

2012 The art of engraving in Northern Greece Pt2, Artis Causa Gallery, Thessaloniki, Greece.